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Choose Accurate & Reliable Home Measuring Services in Cumming, GA

At Ab2, Inc. we’ve made it our mission to make sure realtors have the information they need to accurately assess the market value of any property.

With our home measuring services, you can count on us for accurate, up-to-date numbers on the square footage of any home in Cumming, GA. This information lets you know how much you should be charging per square foot in order to get top dollar for your client’s properties.

Find Out How Much a Home Is Worth

When it comes to buying or selling a home, square footage matters. Our home measuring services can help you determine what your clients will pay per square foot. Thus, you’ll know how much they’ll pay for the home overall.

Our services are designed to provide clients with the best possible information about the size of the homes they’re looking at. We can also measure any available outdoor space. This way, you can have a full picture of a property’s worth without having to worry about scoping out the property yourself.

Request an Appointment Today

Our measuring services are provided by our highly trained, certified professionals with 25 years of experience. We’ll provide you with an accurate measurement of any space in no time. You can request an appointment online or by calling us directly. We assist clients in Cumming, GA, and the surrounding areas.