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Honest & Unbiased Divorce Appraisals in Cumming, GA

An appraisal can be a very helpful tool in your divorce case—particularly if you want to reach a fair settlement.

When you’re going through a divorce, it can be hard to know what to expect. One of the tasks you need to prioritize is knowing your home’s worth. At Ab2, Inc. we offer divorce appraisals that can help you feel confident about your home’s worth and navigate your divorce with confidence. Our divorce appraiser can visit your property and give an opinion on its worth. This way both parties have an idea of what you should expect to receive as part of a settlement agreement. Contact us today to request an appointment in Cumming, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Why Should Get an Appraisal for Divorce?

Here are some reasons that can help you decide if a divorce house appraisal is right for you:

  • You have an objective third-party opinion of the property division so that both parties are on equal footing in terms of information about the end result.
  • Our divorce appraiser can identify any problems with the property division, such as unfair processes or unequal valuations.
  • You can use the appraisal as evidence during court proceedings. Judges will assign each spouse a percentage of the total value of all the couple’s marital property.
  • Divorce appraisals make it easier for both parties to understand your options and make informed decisions about how you want to divide the property.
Receive Professional Assistance

Our appraisers bring 25 years of experience to every appraisal we perform. You can count on us to get an accurate picture of your home’s worth and help you understand how the court will divide it among the parties involved in your case. Reach out today to learn more about our divorce appraisals in Cumming, GA, and surrounding areas.